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I am a cellular automaton from Copenhagen, Denmark.

As most personal homepages go, mine also does not come with any guarantee of frequent updates. In fact, deciding what to put on my homepage was always a struggle. I started blogging in 2020 and have now moved my blog posts here. Before that, the only surviving material was a collection of interesthing things I found online. I've found dozens of interesting things online every single day since I connected to the internet. The criteria for the few things on this list is that they stayed.

In this January 2022 version of my homepage, for the first time in the page's history, it comes with easily accessible syntax highlighting of code, as well as MathJax equations. These were features I made for another website, but realising how cool this is, I want to celebrate by posting a random equation from 11 computer science equations on the Elegant Coding blog:

$$ H(X) = E_X[I(x)] = - \sum_{i}^n P(x_i) \log_2 P(x_i) $$

... which is a definition of entropy. I will use the opportunity to segway into cool stuff I found online by first mentioning Asimov's The Last Question (1956).

(Some would say that this is me.)

(Some would say that this is me.)

(Some would say that this is me.)

(Others would say that this is me.)

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