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Extracting the KUBE_CONFIG for a DigitalOcean Terraform .tfstate

July 10, 2021

When provisioning a Kubernetes cluster from DigitalOcean with Terraform, the .tfstate contains a field called raw_config that authenticates kubectl. It can elegantly be extracted with jq:

$ jq -r '.resources[]
        | select(.type == "digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster")
        | .instances[].attributes.kube_config[].raw_config' \ 
apiVersion: v1
kind: Config
- cluster:
    certificate-authority-data: ...
  name: your-cluster-name
- context:
    cluster: your-cluster-name
    user: your-cluster-name-admin
  name: your-cluster-name
current-context: your-cluster-name
- name: your-cluster-name-admin
    token: ...

If you provision multiple clusters, you cannot simply pipe the multiple kind: Configs, but otherwhise, this output can be dumped straight into ~/.kube/config. Otherwise, you may want to dump it to a specific file before you run

KUBECONFIG=some.config kubectl ...

Now, I'd like if the ~/.kube/config could get populated as part of the provisioning, so that kubectl commands work immediately after. This is possible with the local-exec provisioner:

  provisioner "local-exec" {
    command = <<EOF
      mkdir -p ~/.kube && jq -r \
        | select(.type == "digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster")
        | .instances[].attributes.kube_config[].raw_config' \
            terraform.tfstate > ~/.kube/config

I'm not sure exactly how useful this last step is yet. This was just another demonstration of how powerful and useful jq is.